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About Ikon Finance

Customers can speculate on foreign exchange and futures through Ikon Finance, an online trading brokerage firm. The firm began as a futures seller in New York before expanding to the United Kingdom and becoming one of the first to provide institutional clients with online trading solutions.

Ikon Finance is constantly refining its strategies and products, developing its own technology, and providing liquidity to institutional clients, despite the fact that it is not a large corporation or a trading provider.

Of course, its subsidiary Ikon Finance Limited, which operates in accordance with changing regulatory requirements, has a very appealing offer for retail clients.

Is Ikon Finance a legitimate company or a scam?

Because it is based in London, United Kingdom, Ikon Finance Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and it is required by law to be fully licensed by the FCA in order to operate legally.

As a result, the broker follows all FCA rules, including one of the industry’s strictest operational rules, as well as cross-registration and EEA regulations.

In addition to this rule, every Ikon Finance customer is covered by the Investor Compensation Fund, which ensures that their money is safe and secure.

Ikon Finance also keeps track of its transactions and makes sure that all online transactions and manipulations are safe across all platforms.


Margin trading is a popular and appealing forex strategy that allows retail traders to open larger positions with a larger initial deposit. This tool is beneficial because it increases your potential profits; however, you must learn how to use leverage wisely and be aware of the risks.

However, because leverage has been identified as a potentially risky tool by international authorities, regulators in the United Kingdom and Europe have placed restrictions on how much leverage can be used.

All UK regulated brokers, including Ikon Fi, require you to use the 1:30 level for major currency pairs and the lower 1:20 level for minor currencies.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Ikon Finance Reviews on broker.

Client payments and trading account transactions can be completed in a variety of ways, including the most efficient and secure methods such as card payments, bank transfers, and the Skrill electronic platform.

Ikon Finance requires a $200 minimum deposit. Because the requirement is open to traders of all levels, this is seen as a good and appealing offer.

Accounts of Different Types

Ikon offers four different account types: Classic MT4, Plus MT4, Prodigy Classic, and Prodigy Pro.

Traders who prefer a lower cost, a specific strategy, a platform, or the need to trade through spreads or on a commission basis will find a customized solution for each account type.


New traders should not be put off by Ikon Finance’s professional background because they can learn the fundamentals of trading and practice on a risk-free demo account, as well as receive educational and training materials from the firm. Support is available at all times, and the client can choose from a variety of options and services.


Overall, Ikon Finance is a reputable FCA-regulated firm with a diverse portfolio and the ability to trade on a variety of markets and platforms for a wide range of investors and traders. When the trading conditions of the broker are combined with the STP execution model, a trading function that is suitable for traders of various styles and strategies is created. New traders will benefit from the available training materials and support, while experienced traders will benefit from the powerful trading tools.

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