Traders Way reviews

Traders Way 2021 Overview

In the 2000s, with the popularization of stock trading and accessibility of the market to the masses, many intermediaries appeared, and in 2011 the company Traders Way appeared, like most similar organizations, TW offers access to trade in currencies, crude oil operations, precious metals, stocks of companies, etc.

Trading is based on MT4 and MT5, there are mobile applications. Which are quite handy and easy to install on devices. A wide range of tools and options will make trading fascinating and analysis simple.

Quotes from liquidity providers arrive directly to the client, which provides transparency of all operations and processing rate of requests.

The undoubted advantage is the minimum deposit, the client can try himself as a trader, starting from $5, and the leverage. Available even from the minimum balance is high enough in the market 1k1000, variable spread from zero points or fixed spread from two points, choose more convenient account for you.

For traders, from Islamic countries, there are appropriate accounts, there is no ban on scalping and hedging.

The company’s rule is the same attitude to each client regardless of the experience or availability of funds on the balance. Maximum attention is paid to innovations and advanced services. By using this philosophy, the client base of the company grows every year.

Regulation of Traders Way

Traders Way reviews

And now pay attention, this broker does not have a regulator because it is registered in Domenica, however, numerous customer reviews and reviews confirm the honesty and customer-oriented nature of the company.

The segregation of accounts makes the client feel safe for the safety of personal funds since the financial flows of the client and the company do not overlap. If the account is big enough, part of these funds may be under the control of liquidity providers, therefore, execution time of transaction for withdrawal may be longer, than for clients with small amounts on the balance.

There are formed internal rules and policies, which provide the highest standards of brokerage business. In addition to internal rules, there are KYC privacy policy and Anti-Money Laundering Commission rules, known briefly as AML. Using many years of experience accumulated in the bowels of the company, we can talk about a competent system of risk management and a high level of security in respect of both client data and financial transactions. Priority direction – long-term relationships with the client, based on mutual benefit.

Traders Way platforms

With the MT platform no one is surprised today, Traders Way has its own powerful and functional trading platform cTrader, the company’s arsenal includes mobile and web-based platforms.

There is also a QuickDeal tool, i.e. You can open a position with a single click, see the current price and breakeven point, and this functionality is built into MT4 and 5. Please note the new STP/ECN mechanism, please refer to the company’s website for more information.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MT4 is the most famous platform, and no experienced trader could imagine his existence without it. You get direct access to the interbank market. Even. Without any experience you can intuitively understand how it all works. In the case of a question, support works like clockwork.

There are more than fifty indicators, dozens of timeframes, and, of course, all prices change and are displayed in real time and correspond to the prices on the stock exchange. An interesting innovation is the creation of custom indicators. You will find this functionality in MetaEditor. This utility will be useful if you have a basic knowledge of the MQL4 programming language. Do you want to test your strategy? No problem, there is the EAs option, based on historical data you can test yourself. The history of operations can be downloaded from MT4.

All information exchanged between the server and the client is encrypted using the most secure protocol.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

This is essentially a retrofitted version of Metatrader4, with additional timeframes, now 21, 80 indicators and a strategy tester, you can test it in several currencies.

Both versions of MT are available for a wide range of Windows, Mac, IOS and Android devices.

MetaTrader Web Terminal

There’s no need to install any app or program on your device, from anywhere in the world you can use your personal account to open a deal. To do this, simply enter the website address into your browser.

MetaTrader mobile platform

If you are mobile and are not tied to your desktop device, but your smartphone is always at hand, the MetaTrader mobile application will give you quick access to your trading account. The main requirement is no internet connection and your iOS or Android device.


cTrader is an additional platform. Even the most demanding client will be surprised by its functionality and it is designed to work on ECN/STP. All orders are bypassed the chain of intermediaries and processed directly by the liquidity provider, which makes it convenient for the player, and reduces the chance of mistakes. In addition to automatic trading. In this case, the client can build the necessary chart in two clicks. Here you can find the main indicators and timeframes, and much more.

Major banks are liquidity providers and orders are executed using the average price by volume.

Traders Way accounts and commissions

Traders Way reviews

The company provides five types of accounts, so it covers a wide variety of clients. There are demo accounts without any risks and accounts with no swaps, for citizens of Islamic countries, and with fixed and variable swaps, as well as a great choice of platforms.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy that the company has an attractive low opening deposit, innovative platforms and a wide variety of trading accounts. At the same time, this broker is not under the regulation. However, it acts according to its internal guidelines and rules.

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