WH SelfInvest reviews

Overview of WH SelfInvest 2021

WH SelfInvest SA is a famous trading company in Europe, located in the small state of Luxembourg. The company was established in 1998 and its network of branches covers all parts of Europe, including Germany, France and others and operates in almost 30 countries. The company operates on currency pairs, shares and CFDs. It is worth noting that traders tend not to work in all markets represented on the platform, some of them specialize in the crypto markets and monitor news on the topic, while others are fans of technology companies and do not miss a single tweet of Elon Musk, and beginners make their first steps in the currency, practicing their skills in the construction of simple charts, because this market is influenced by a huge number of factors and there is nothing to rely on except technical analysis

The WHS NanoTrader platform

WH SelfInvest reviews

The SelfInvest brokerage company has its own platform – WHS NanoTrader. Moreover, there is a free program with a limited set of options – NanoTrader Free. For professionals we offer NanoTrader Full. The first and the second version equally comfortably provide access for creating charts for techanalysis.

Features are:

Eighty rule sets to manage your trading

Affordable placement of buy and sell orders

Multiple options to stop losses on a trade

10 different charts including TwinCharts

Filters for Stock Sorting

Indicators of trading activity at specified price levels


There are several platforms for the market participant, such as Metatrader 4, is simply downloading (suitable for trading currency pairs), NinjaTrader and SierraCharts for trading CFDs up or down.

Webtrader and cloud trading. The maximum trading fee is 35 euros, but the commission is directly related to the volume and number of orders, and may go down.

Commissions and Spreads

WH SelfInvest reviews

For traders with low volumes, we recommend using a Mini account with a variable spread between the buy and sell price. If we consider the Standard account, the trader will face a fixed commission of $0.035 for every $1000 sold.


Financial leverage is the borrowing of capital from a brokerage company in order to increase turnover in your trade. It is worth bearing in mind that the use of leverage carries with it the risk of loss of capital if used inappropriately. Some companies provide a client with a choice of leverage value.

No modern trader can imagine his work on the stock exchange without using, perhaps, the main tool – leverage. Different companies offer leverage from 1:10 to 1:500. For example, for contracts- 1:50, for commodities and raw materials – from 1:20 to 1:33. Information about the required margin level is publicly available on the company’s website.

Test account

Now it’s no secret that many companies offer test accounts to demonstrate the full functionality of the site, this company is no exception


Due to the stricter policy of the regulators, brokers operating in Europe do not have the right to attract clients with bonuses. At the same time, here you will find everything you need for successful trading


Any market is regulated, the exchange of financial assets is no exception. So, who is the regulator? It can be a government body, a financial organization or even a commercial structure. The first task is to issue licenses and monitor compliance with the rules of fair trading, excluding trading on insider information, price manipulation in the market. Such actions are severely punished with fines or revocation of the license. Depending on the jurisdiction, the rules of the regulators also differ

Depending on the region (country) of location the control of carrying out of brokerage activity is regulated by different organizations. In Luxembourg – CSSF, in Belgium – FSMA Belgium, AFM Netherlands, ACPR France, BaFin Germany and FINMA Switzerland.

Working with this broker, the customer can feel financial security.

Additional features

In addition the company provides:


– Radar signal

– TradingView (platform on which it is easy enough to conduct technical analysis, the number of users exceeds eight million people a month and continues to grow)

– Most impotant news (It’s no secret that many traders, especially those who work on short positions, use news as a source of trading signals. An experienced trader is subscribed to newsletters from reputable portals, while for beginners the news on this website is enough to get a general idea about the market situation)

– Support Forums (a community where more experienced participants are happy to share their observations and strategies. Perhaps you’ll find new friends or business companions there)

– Trade Library & Store

– Webinars and Video Seminars


WH SelfInvest reviews

The market is very active and often, even a minute can be decisive, so the company pays special attention to feedback and communication with customers.

To make the client feel confident, there is a support service to handle difficult situations. Any broker is well aware of this and does everything possible to ensure that at any time of the day and night the client receives the necessary assistance. There are different channels of communication, such as a traditional call to the call center and e-mail communication. Lately the most active channel is chat on the company’s website, where a specialist who speaks your language will answer to you.

Company s phone – +352 42 80 42 80

Email – info@whselfinvest.com

Web chat – is on the web site

Support in multiple languages.


WH SelfInvest reviews

It should be understood that funds that customers have invested are not kept in the accounts of the broker, and are in separate accounts at banks, which have a contractual relationship with the company. There is no possible to transfer funds without customer s sign, company haven t any fee for the conversion. As a broker checked by the EU regulators, customers can be assured that their money are safe. The broker’s reputation directly depends on the safety of customers’ money, so the company’s priority is to provide security of both financial and customer information

We can responsibly declare that the company, despite the fact that outside Europe is practically unknown, is a reliable broker. The undeniable plus will be the regulation of the European financial institutions. The company’s history of 22 years shows its adaptability to innovations in modern trading

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